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Transformations, LLC


blending innovative health coaching with mind-body medicine

Introducing an empowering health and wellness program geared to cultivate lasting life changes, one step at a time.



Did you know:

  • Less than 3% of adults engage in the health behaviors that can prevent serious health conditions like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

  • About 1 in 3 adults will have an anxiety disorder at some time in their lives.

  • About 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will experience major depression by age 65.


Are you frustrated with the challenge to:

  • reach/maintain healthy weight?

  • conquer high stress/anxiety levels? 

  • find an exercise routine that works for you?

  • manage, alleviate, or reduce the risk of hypertension, diabetesheart disease, etc.?




At imAWARE Transformations, you will:

  • Implement evidence-based behavior change strategies for building sustainable healthy habits

  • Create achievable goals in an empathetic and non-judgmental 1-on-1 setting

  • Tap into the power of Motivational Interviewing, Mind-Body Medicine, and Positive Intelligence -- to transform into your healthiest self


Using a holistic and individualized approach, you'll tap into your inner potential to overcome obstacles by converting them into genuine opportunities for greatness, which will help you: 

Maximize your mental and physical health

Improve outcomes with healthcare providers

✅ Build your happiness as you strive to achieve         lifelong mind-body greatness



Start transforming your current self into your healthiest self by signing up HERE for a free 15 minute phone consultation.


Wandering Traveler


The best part was that you never gave up on me!! I really appreciate you sticking with me and being always positive! Truly lots and lots of appreciation.


I wanted to thank YOU. Thank you for asking smart questions that make me pause. Thank you for your sense of humor and for being genuine.


I have been an HR professional for a LONG time and work with a lot of talent. You have a unique and sincere approach…while being warm and professional.


I am so grateful to you for your comments that have guided me along the way, and helped me realize that everyone is better off in my family and at work when I take time to step back and take care of myself. It is nice to develop strategies that can actually help me understand how to meet my needs in a rational way.


I just wanted to say thanks for being a great coach for our group! I always enjoy your super positive energy.


I just wanted to thank you for all your input and positive intention over the last 5 months. In my wildest dreams, I didn’t see me losing over 60 pounds… and your invaluable insight made the journey much easier.



It has been wonderful working with you and having you provide that extra push to dive deeper. Thanks again!



This group has been heartfelt and inspirational. Thank you Scott for answering all questions and queries so clearly and comprehensively.



Thank you for your support, Scott. Keep inspiring others to reach their goals!



Scott is a great and insightful coach who has helped me get strong on my journey.



Thank you for all the insights and encouragement.



You've been wonderful, thank you so much!



I've really enjoyed your information and feedback.



Your kindness and honesty is greatly appreciated, Scott.



You’ve been awesome.



Thank you so much for all your help, Scott. I have learned a lot and built some good habits. I feel like I really have tools to work with my stress and anxiety now instead of fighting against it.



Thank you SO much for all the great advice and positive feedback you are sharing with me, I sincerely appreciate it. It seems improbable to me that I am getting what feels like more valuable input from a health coach than I have in the past three counselors I have had and yet it is true. Thanks again and again for all the support. I can feel things shifting and I am so grateful.



Thank you for guiding me with my anxiety! It actually helped quite a bit!



Your questions and insights are always very helpful Scott. Thank you.



I feel that our partnership has been very beneficial. Your great questions have been a huge help!


I LOVE your questions! You have a knack…


You have been so very great to talk to! I've really enjoyed speaking with you.


Thank you again for ALL you do!!! You have helped me keep the momentum.


I've come a long way thanks to you.


I really appreciate your feedback and the approach you use to help me think things through for myself while giving suggestions to aid and further my process. Thank you so much.


It was great to have you as my coach. I was impressed after just the first session, and feel lucky to have landed with you!


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