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Your Pathway, Customized

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Pathway 1: Mental Health & Wellness

*Positive Intelligence (PI) Focus*

How much control do you have over your mind so that it acts in your best interest to help you achieve your true potential? 

The more your mind is acting as your friend, serving you rather than sabotaging you, the more PI you have. And that's what measures how well you can handle life’s challenges -- with the least mental stress, frustration, and other negative emotions -- and ultimately respond with a positive mindset. It's all about mental fitness, and strengthening your mental muscles. 

Because life's challenges aren't an endpoint -- they're a means to propel you to the next level of greatness in your life. By improving your PI, you can convert life's difficulties and challenges into gifts and opportunities for greater success, happiness, and peace of mind.

When you can handle challenges with a clear, calm, and laser-focused mindset, you can generate personal and professional growth, major improvements in happiness and performance, and lasting positive change -- in health, wellness, and life.

Here is a 10-minute introductory video on Positive Intelligence, presented by Scott Feldman, NBC-HWC:

Intro to Positive Intelligence

Intro to Positive Intelligence

Play Video

Pathway 2: Physical Health & Wellness

“The CDC found that 25% of US adults were physically inactive in 2022, while 75% weren't getting enough exercise. Obesity rates continue to increase – 42% of US adults are obese, and 72% are overweight. More than 110,000 US deaths could be prevented each year if adults over 40 engaged in only 10 minutes of moderate intensity daily physical activity.”

-JAMA Internal Medicine

“Being unfit has a worse prognosis -- as far as death -- than having hypertension, diabetes and smoking.”

-Cleveland Clinic

"Being overweight can cause similar brain changes as having Alzheimer's."

-Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease

Hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, etc. don’t have to rule over your life day after day. Whether you need to incorporate more physical activity into your life, develop better eating habits, etc., our transformational health coaching program can help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.


Pathway 3: Mind-Body Synthesis

*Mind-Body Medicine (MBM) Focus*

​Mind-Body Medicine integrates modern medicine with practices from around the world. This approach focuses on prevention, empowerment, and whole person health by bringing about balance between mind, body and spirit.

MBM can help with reducing stress, increasing self-awareness, developing effective preventative and coping skills, cultivating emotional and mental balance, and other benefits

How are these benefits achieved? Through skills such as: Meditation, Guided Imagery, Autogenic training (self-hypnosis), Breath Work, Movement, Journal Writing, and Drawing.

A fascinating fact: “Exercise decreases people’s depression scores, sometimes by as much as 50 percent, a result as good as that obtained by psychotherapy or antidepressants. If exercise were a pill, it would be hailed on the front pages of every newspaper, and marketed 24/7 on television.”

-Harvard Med educated Psychiatrist

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